ESN Pardubice (Buddy System) is an activity of the International Office, which provides help to international students in the beginning of their studies at the University. It started during the winter semester of the academic year 2004/2005 and every semester we are working on its gradual improvement.

The main activities done by our members usually are:

  • A Buddy picks up the international student immediately after his/her arrival according to date and time agreed on in advance.
  • Accommodation – a Czech student accompanies the international student to the dormitories where he/she helps to fill in several accommodation forms.
  • A Buddy helps the international student to familiarize with the university campus, which includes visiting the university library, the copy centre, the students' hall, the international office etc.
  • Getting to know Pardubice city – the Czech students are expected to guide the international students through the city centre and show them where the most basic institutions (Post office, Hospital etc.) are.
  • If the international student is from outside EU, a Buddy is expected to guide him to the Foreign Police station and to help him/her with registration, visa formalities etc.

Put simply, through the Buddy System should be international students provided with environment, that makes their study at University of Pardubice more pleasant and so their time is not filled only with study duties but also with adequate cognition of Czech culture and mentality.

Members of the ESN Pardubice (in other words "Buddies") has usually been abroad already, so they have experience plus they know local environment.

Remember that every exchange is one big experience and you should enjoy this limited time you have. How, that depends on you. We are here to help you and also to try to make your stay even better with our activities.