By bike

Pardubice are flat and not big, you can get everywhere by bike in less than 15 minutes.19% of all trips in Pardubice are made by bike. It is the highest number among Czech cities with 100 000 or more people. But there is much more potential compared to the Netherlands where 22% of trips are made by bike in whole country. Dutch make more than million cycle trips every hour.

Bike paths in Pardubice are not properly connected and mixed with pedestrians. Be polite to pedestrians. Be careful that you don´t have priority at cycle or pedestrian crossing. Don´t forget to use bike lock and both rear and front lights to be visible in night. Enjoy the ride!

You can put small advertisement in the hall on notice boards and get a cheap bike.


Selling also second-hand bikes from Switzerland, price up to 2500CZK (100€). Renting bikes – individual agreement, depending on the period of borrowing.
Pražská 160 Popkovice 


New bikes for 1990CZK (80€). Fully equipped for the city.

Hobby Bike

City bikes for price up to 5000CZK (200€). Renting bikes also possible for semester.
Staňkova 2114, Pardubice

By busses

There is city transport system which offers very good connections around Pardubice.
You can pay by:

  • paper tickets
    • 1st zone – 15CZK
    • 2nd zone – 17CZK
  • pre-paid card (Pardubická karta)
    • 1st zone – 12,50CZK
    • 2nd zone – 14,50CZK

Map with zones 

Or you can have student tariff after you get card (Pardubická karta), then you can pre-pay longer time like:

  • 7 days – 70CZK
  • 14 days – 135CZK
  • 30 days – 215CZK
  • 90 days – 585CZK
  • 120 days – 765CZK
  • 6 months – 1075CZK
  • 10 months – 1660CZK

You can get pre-paid card (Pardubická karta) after you'll fill in a form which you can get in office of „Dopravní podnik města Pardubice“ (Transport company) in Pernerova street nr. 443. Open Mon – Fri from 7am to 6pm.
You will need one photo (passport photo 3,5 x 4,5 cm), your ID and you will pay 130CZK for the card.
In case that you will want a student tariff you need confirmation of studies from our university. This you can get at your faculty coordinator.


  • 3, 7, 17 – take you from stop „Polabiny, Hradecká“ (in front of library) to „Masarykovo náměstí“ stop (city center, AFI palace)
  • 3, 10, 16, 17 – take you to railway or bus station (in one direction)
  • 3, 7, 11 – take you to hypermarkets (Interspar, Globus) in second direction
  • 11 with transfer to 2 in "Krajsky urad" stop – take you to the hospital (Nemocnice)


By taxi

  • Taxi Pardubice (Taxi Pospíšil) – 800 666 660
  • Taxi Simona – 800 600 636

Both numbers are free of charge.