About Buddy Programme

It aims to put together local students (buddies) and exchange students. We presume that very few of you speak communicative Czech and even those few would be thankful for a helping hand in the orientation phase of your staying at the University of Pardubice, at least in the first while after your arrival.

Who is a Buddy?

It is a Czech-speaking student who will help you during your stay in Pardubice and is here to answer your questions about practical issues (accommodation, transportation to Pardubice, administration...).


Where does buddy help?

Buddy can pick you up after your arrival in Pardubice and accompany to the dormitories where will help with formalities. He/she can also show you the University campus, Menza, the university library, the students' halls... explain how the public transport works and give some tips on where to go and what to see and where are essential institutions (post office, hospital, town hall etc.)

If you are from outside EU, a Buddy should go with you to the Foreign Police and assist with registration and visa formalities.


About ESN Pardubice

Besides helping with formalities, we organize numerous leisure events such as National Evenings, Czech Experience events, trips to Czech exciting places, hiking trips and field trips. So joining these events can make your stay here most enjoyable and acquainting them with the Czech culture and mentality. For more info about events, go to our FB page.


Applying for a Buddy

Erasmus students are automatically assigned to her/his Buddy so it is not necessary apply for it.