Escape Game Pardubice


Escape game offers unique experience known especially from computer escape games but now it is for real! You and your friends enter the room full of mystery. Door is locked. Quickly! You have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles, enigmas and mainly to reveal the secret of the room and get out. All you need is common sense and logical thinking.

You can choose from two games:

War mystery of the officer
Laboratory of the mad scientist

(You can find out that the company has one more game in their website but it’s only in Czech language at the moment)

Base price for group               Price with ESN card
990 CZK/per group                 800 CZK/per group

Group: (4 people, maximum 5 people)

Note: write that you are a member of ESN Pardubice/Erasmus+ in notes of booking

Adress: Jana Palacha 1552
530 02 Pardubice

For more information contact