The University Library is situated close to the University dormitories in the Polabiny district. It offers wide range of books and textbooks for all faculties and there can also be found huge magazine stock and encyclopedia works.

Ground floor

There are books, textbooks, audio cassettes and video tapes situated in the ground floor of the University Library. These books are available for lending. Books are classified according to the International Decimal Classification – IDC separated into parts according to the field of study. Shelves are signed with the IDC number as well as with the name of the study field. Behind the shelves there is computer lab in which there are 15 computers with the connection to the internet available for students. If you want to use the computer you do not need to book it in advance but be aware that you should queue in the front of the lab. All computers are connected to the printer situated at the counter.

First floor

Upstairs you can find study room with many pieces of literature from all fields that can be studied at the University of Pardubice. At the counter it is also possible to borrow multi-media CD-ROMs. Upstairs there are three computer labs with total number of 16 computers that are connected to the internet as well as to the printer at the counter upstairs. 1 of the 16 computers is connected with the scanner so if you need any document to be scanned ask at the counter upstairs. You can book each computer for particular hour during the day. You can do it either on the booking PC that is situated on the right hand side of the entrance terminal opposite the main library entrance or on-line via internet on the following web page: You can choose which computer you want to use in which particular hour of the day. The whole first floor of the library building is also covered with wireless connection so you can bring your laptop if you want to be connected to the internet outside your room (in case you cannot connect to the internet in your room).

Entrance to the library

Only registered users may enter the library through tourniquets. During the first visit of the library it is necessary to submit with the valid student card at the library counter at the opposite of the main entrance. The necessary requirement for the registration is agreement with ‘Library set of rules’ and signing of ‘Declaration’.

Books lending

It is necessary to register borrowed book at the counter. Period for borrowing is usually one month and it is possible to extend the period twice, if the book is not reserved. So you can borrow the book for 3 months maximum.


Studentská 519, 532 10 Pardubice
Phone number: 466 036 543, 466 036 535, fax 466 036 538

Opening hours

October - May:
Mo-Th 8 - 20
Fr 8 - 18
Sa 8 - 12

Mo-Fr 8 - 18
Sa 8 - 12